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Spares for cranes & hoist

• We are in to supply and designing for special value added spares parts which we design manufacture & supply all the Machined items of our material handling solutions up to 50 tonnes like:
• Factory made Gear Box assembly with renowned motor & brake: Main hoist/CT /LT
• Motor brake assembly with all kinds of crane duty motors and wide applications of brakes.
• Hook block assembly and Wheels assembly
• Cross travel and long travel assembly used widely in various applications for cranes, hoist, trolleys, traverse and others
• Girders on order
• End carriages on order
• Crane kits on order: Hoist /trolley, end carriages with girder designing available for overseas and remote Indian markets
• Availability for Bought out Spares like DSL: Festooning/shrouded bus bar assemblies as per requirement / brakes/motor /hooks/limit switches/wire rope/pulleys/couplings
• Fabrication of weight lifting cradles and others
• Electrical trolleys, manual trolleys
• Electrical control panels as per IP55
• Electrical pendants
• And Other Material Handling Spares

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Type of cranes:
A. Single Girder Crane – We offer vide range of single girder crane which are available in both top running & under running design. These are ideal for material handling in small & low production unit & ware houses. They have low dead weight & provide greater floor coverage which are advantage over other double girder cranes. In these cranes the hosting unit is wire rope hoist that move on bottom flange of beam on single box girder & controlled by pendant from floor level or through radio remote control.

Salient Features of Single Girder Cranes:

Compact dimensions.
Squirrel cage Motor generally is generally used.
Electromagnetic DC Brake.
Helical/ Spur Gear box.
Cost – effective and optimum utilization of space.
High stability due to low dead weight.
Favorable hook approach dimensions.
Easy & Safe handling.

B. Double Girder Crane: DV Cranes deals in manufacturing a high performing range of double girder EOT Cranes. These cranes have two torsion free box girder and twin drive geared motors. Double Girder Cranes have sturdy hoisting crab & rotor hoist. It has 100% fail proof EHT brakes & panels with genuine limit switches to stop over hoisting and over lowering of hook.

Salient Features of Double Girder Cranes:
Easy Maintenance & long durability.
Seek design using modular Iron selection.
Design to ensure smooth flow of stresses.
Full length platform for maintenance purposes.
Forged runner/Idler wheels on spherical roller bearings.
Geometrically reliable during assembly owing bolted design.

C. Jib Cranes: We offer wide range of self supported and mounted type Jib crane. It is a cantilevered boom or horizontal beam arm with bearing hoist & trolley. This material handing machine can lift up loads in all part of a circle around the column to which it is attached. These find applications in the construction sides, warehouses, vehicles maintenance, loading docks & many more applications. Our jib crane can rotate up to 180degree -360 degree.

Salient Features of Jib Cranes:
Thick box plate giving added rigidity.
Double roller self-aligned type bearing.
Smooth & easy operation.
Rotation either by hand pulling or driver with worm reduction.
Wall- mounted, ceiling mounted, self-supporting Column mounted.
Hoisting & Traversing electric or manual operated.

D. Electric WIRE rope Hoist: We manufacturing electric wire rope hoist with high grade of materials, gear box, squirrel cage motor, DC type brakes or EHT brakes to provide optimum performance to the end users. We manufacture these modular construction hoists using steel plates, rope drum in the hoist using seamless pipes and steel plates & gears with precision machine cut teeth to ensure smooth operation. We manufacture in variety of range starting from 0.5 T load to 15 T capacity.

Salient Features of Electric Hoist:
Rugged compact design as per IS: 3038 for high operational efficiency.
Rope guide prevents rope leaving the drum grooves.
Limit Switches prevent hoisting & lowering of hook block beyond prescribed limits.
Rope drum fabricated from seamless pipe.
Well balanced in every position.

E. Goliath Cranes: We offer goliath cranes which run on rails installed at ground levels. We offer both the single Girder type and Double girder type of goliath cranes for indoor & outdoor duty. These cranes are easily movable & especially useful where only part utilization of workshop has to be done. These cranes are highly efficient, durable & robust. These also find application in maintenance, hanger factories, power station, large water works, railway yards, construction unit.
More over the goliath cranes can be moved to new locations with less trouble than over-head cranes.

These are widely classified as full leg gantry, thorough leg gantry & semi gantry crane.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]