Scms is a CMS developer by Rahul Thakral (Samaarambh) using php and mysql. Codeigniter is base framework of php that author has used to develop the cms. The CMS contains all type of feature that is needed to develop a application blogs, business , eCommerce or social Network/dating.

Let me explain you some more details that why this CMS is developed and what is reason behind it. People who want any kind of business application to do some kind of business, most of the time developer are providing the service to people in wordpress as of wordpress is very cheaper and modules/widgets needed by application easily available in market but most of the time 80% of developers are not caring about security, speed and optimization. As of wordpress is having a large scale of week point in terms of security and that let down the client when there is something wrong if standard not followed by developers for security.

Then one day I thought why not to develop a cms which carry all kind of modules needed and develop it with a framework security and I started working on it and very first I thought what to build and started with admin login/dashboard then I thought for Access Control Layer for Users which gave me a reference to developer User Roles Management/ User Management with permissions needed to divide the role with website and after a successful implementation I have gone through more modules that was basic need of a application.

  1. Blogs Management
  2. Pages Management
  3. Slider Management
  4. Setting Management
  5. Services Management
  6. Service Categories Management
  7. Product Category Management
  8. Product Mangement
  9. Test Category Management (Online exam module like PTE)
  10. Test Manegment
  11. and so on many modules

and in this way I have developed a lot of module and still developing as soon as there is need of something on website. Special thing that keep into my mind is to take care of security and speed and I followed and right now have sold that application to more then 30 clients and they are running the application very well.

If anyone is interested to see a demo of it then please email me on or